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Would anyone be interested?

The problem is, as some of you may know, I'm VERY BAD with finishing things. I've done things in the past where I take on a bunch of requests at once and then I get tried of doing them and only do the few at the top of the list. And i feel really bad about it.
 onion head "shame" 

I mean, I feel like I've gotten a little bit better with art so maybe I can do it?
Maybe if I only take on one at a time?
And make sure to accept payment AFTER I've done the art or after the sketch?
(That way I don't get notes about "where is my commission I gave you money!!")
Idk. Onion Boy 6 

Maybe if any of you guys are interested, note me?

So let's see.. I can do...

Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! (A) Normal Style 
- tries to be as proportionally accurate as possible
- anime-style eyes
- actual hands / feet
Mira and Echo doodles by XyAckhartOni reference ['beauty pose' trace] by XyAckhart

Paw Bullet (Blue) - F2U! (B) Doodle Style
- pretty similar to normal actually
- cartoon / less detailed anime eyes??
- lil blob hands
new character approaching?? by XyAckhartKeoshi and Kairu by XyAckhart

Paw Bullet (Purple) - F2U! (C) Chibi Style
- more blob hands
- circles for eyes
- (may not color the eyes)
- tbh probably still anime proportions as above
(I try to push myself to be accurate)
 falalala uploading more pics therefore Wilson by XyAckhartMother's Day family portrait by XyAckhart

Paw Bullet Pink (Outline) - F2U! (D) SUPER Chibi Style
- chibi proportions
- big heads
- can be "pointy style" (think Invader Zim)
- can be "cute chubby" style  (think Bleedman)
I'm sorry my only references are weird Naruto pictures... Tomoko Nervous Icon 

Paw Bullet (Orange) - F2U! Star Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! ~Phone doodle~Star Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! 
I haven't been posting any (I plan to post a bunch at once when I make enough) but I've been making minimalist character chibis with my phone
140829 135509 by XyAckhart141228 014950 by XyAckhart150102 234616 by XyAckhart
I could totally do some REALLY cheap commissions (like $1) they're super easy
(But this is its own category, it doesn't apply to "mediums" section)


And as for mediums...

Silver Square Bullet Traditional Sketch Silver Square Bullet 
- headshot (to shoulders)
- bust (to waist)
- fullbody (shoes n all)
- I can line it with a pen or sharpie too

Pink Square Bullet Digital Lineart Pink Square Bullet 
- headshot
- bust
- fulbody

Blue Square Bullet Digital Colored Blue Square Bullet 
- same as digital lineart
- but with fullbody color I'll add a simple bg

Green Square Bullet 3D Model T-pose Green Square Bullet 
I was thinking about how I did Oni's T-pose reference picture and how it could be really useful to people (esp animators) to get a commissions like that but the problem is... 
1) It'll take a lot of time and patience from me (AND ALSO IT KIND OF HAS TO BE PERFECT) so I should have it more expensive then the rest??
2) I traced this one and may have to trace others JUST for the sake of having the proportions all lined up because that's VERY important in these types of references so would that be okay???
3) And even if some tracing is okay, then is it still okay if I'm making money from it???
Here's the pic I'm talking about btw (that I made for my OC):
SO I DID AN ANIMATION CLASS [Oni T-pose] by XyAckhart

SO UM. Yamato Nervous Icon 
What do you guys think? Should I do it? Are you still mad at me about the requests and think I can't handle it?? (jk lol)
And umm... what should the prices be? I mean, I have been thinking about it... but I'm open to suggestions.

((Note me if you're interested and want something now?? and can discuss a price?? idk))
flail plz 
  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: ... > ....
  • Reading: ... ??? nothing reallly
  • Watching: I watched 2nd half of Monster University OTL
  • Playing: the game where I procrastinate on hw
  • Eating: .... *stomach growls* :/
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale


So if anyone's on tumblr and would like to follow me there, I made an art blog:
Although I really do think dA is better for posting art, I just figure the more places the better (who am I kidding I just love getting my ego pet)

also here's my personal blog if any of you want to follow me for just funny stuff, fandom things, random trivia, and occasional social justice stuff (it's hard ot avoid it if you're on tumblr anyway... lol). But mostly pokemans.
I just realized looking through my gallery... I CAN'T PICK AN EYE STYLE. I tried different ones to experiment now I can't pick one xD I like the simplistic little oval, but then the simplicity is also it's downfall... (and weird to color?) Maybe the like.. circle with line at the top? (Basically the top line but not the bottom?)
Idfk if I'm even making sense anymore.
...Nevermind xD
So I'm messing around in my nuzlocke game, reluctant to evolve my Surskit because I'm like "Damn I don't have another water type I need to get one of those.." and I start to think, "wow it sure is taking a long time to get an old rod, I'm already in Mauville"
Then I finally realize...
IT WAS BACK IN DEWFORD. :iconotlplz:
382 KyogreTEAM AQUA FRICK YEAH382 Kyogre 
 I'm gonna post some funny ORAS / Team Aqua/Magma posts here, because of my Nuzlocke XDDD 
(too bad I can't find original pics, I just got these from google images OTL)………
This version of Team Aqua!May is so cute!! I would totally steal it but that would be, well, stealing. xD


XyAckhart's Profile Picture
United States
Picture drawn by :iconninjascrag:

requests: maybe (you can ask but I may be busy)
art trade: yeah I like art trades (you can ask but I may be busy)
commissions: no (I don't want yo money!)

but don't be afraid to ask! :D I won't bite I swear!

so yeah in a nutshell i'm a little lazy and not THAT good but I love drawing so I do it anyway!

Current Residence: Fl
Favourite genre of music: Vocaloid and Touhou arranges
Favourite style of art: Anime
Favourite cartoon character: TOO MANY TO NAME OH GAWD

Adopt account: :iconxy-adopts: (not very active yet xD)

[also my webcam is of my character for pokemon X, add me if you want a friend safari I guess or you ask me before hand to trade? The pokemon are my current X battle team, you can offer me to battle BUT I might nt oblige cuz I feel like I'm not a good competitive player and I'm a sore looser at pokemon XD]

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